Heather (benjahole1979) wrote in john_bregar,

ok to everyone that asked me to send Accidents Will Happen. i have about 50 ppl that want it so it may take a while but i'm working on it i promise!!

thanx for being patient with me!!
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Does anyone know what mall John is going to be at? You know, for the whole 'two degrassi stars at different malls around the us/canada/wherever they are doing it'? As far as I know he hasn't been sighted yet. Keep your hopes high! Haha!
he might not be going to any since he isn't as popular as the others are.
Hmmmm....that stinks! Haha! Then is Marco/Adamo going to be at one? John and Adamo are my two favorite characters!
Adamo is going to the one in Glendale in Cali this Saturday 8/21