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John Bregar Fan Club

*Fans for John Bregar*
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Welcome to the John Bregar Community. This is the community for the fans of the actor John Bregar, who plays Dylan Michalchuk on Degrassi: The Next Generation. This community was made, because we have notice that there are many John Bregar fans out there and he does indeed deserve a community dedicated to him. Before joining this community, please read the rules for this community:

1. You must be a fan of John Bregar or at least a fan of Degrassi: The next generation to join this community. If your not a fan, then why are you here?

2. No bashing, cursing, fighting in the community. Keep the conversation as clean as possible.

3. Don't flood the community with useless posts. That will not be tolerated.

4. Any lengthy infomation that you want to post or pictures, must be put until LJ cut. That way it won't take up the whole page.

5. I must emphasize this, because many individuals don't seem to get it through their heads: NO STEALING OF ANYONE'S WORK. You can post new icons or any other information you desire, but I ask you to please credit where you got your sources from. Don't claim that what you found or that something someone made is yours. Taking someone else's work is plagiarism and will not be tolerated.

6. If you see any bad conduct on this community, please report it to either
cherrie_cola or icyblugurl.

Please follow the rules as they were presented to you. If we find you not following the rules, we will be force to ban you from this community. Have fun and enjoy the John Bregar community.

Manager: cherrie_cola
Co-manager: icyblugurl